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Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety eyewear is a critical piece of equipment to wear while performing your daily job tasks. Hazards ranging from chemicals to dusts to impacts can be present in the workplace and precautionary measures must be taken to ensure that your eyes remain safe. Below are some features to look for when shopping online for z87 prescription safety glasses.

The Right Fit

A good fit helps ensure that safety eyewear can provide the best protection for your eyes. Also, the better your glasses fit, the more likely you are to wear them consistently, thus ensuring eye safety. The arms of the glasses should sit comfortably on the tops of your ears and the frames should rest on the bridge of your nose. Frames should not dig into your skin, which would indicate that they are too small. Prescription safety glasses that slide or feel loose are likely too large for your face shape. Look for frames in sizes that will fit your face snugly without feeling too tight.

Comfortable to Wear

Many models of safety glasses offer comfort features to make wearing your safety gear a more pleasurable experience. For instance, some glasses provide foam padding or flexible attributes to reduce pressure at key points along the frame. Other models are made of lightweight materials so that you may forget that you are wearing them. Some glasses also offer air vents or lens coatings that can help prevent moisture buildup or fogging while working.

Highest Safety Rating

The best safety eyewear meets or exceeds the requirements of ANSI Z87.1, which sets forth minimum criteria that glasses must meet regarding impact, splashes and radiation hazards. Choosing protective gear that meets these OSHA-mandated requirements is key to safeguarding your eyes and allowing you the confidence to perform your job safely.

Safety should never be compromised and eye protection is no exception. Selecting prescription safety glasses online that provide the right level of comfort, fit and protection will help you perform your best while also protecting your vision in the process.

Safety Glasses FAQs

What are the best prescription safety glasses?

The best protective glasses for you depends on many factors, including the hazards that you routinely encounter and the features that you may need. When shopping for glasses, consider your job activities and the eyewear attributes that may help you perform your job tasks. Many models come in different sizes to help you find your best fit.

Can I order prescription safety glasses online?

Yes, shopping online is a great way to find the best selection of safety glasses to meet every need and budget. You can find a wide variety of models designed to resist impact, chemical splashes and more while also providing the comfort features you want in a pair of glasses.

What does the z87 mean on safety glasses mean?

Z87 refers to the requirements set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for safety eyewear. ANSI Z87 establishes minimum criteria for eye protection that is required for worker safety. OSHA requires that safety eyewear meets these requirements. When shopping, ensure that any model of glasses you choose is compliant with ANSI Z87 before purchase.

How much do safety glasses cost?

Pricing for safety eyewear can vary based on several factors. The materials the glasses are constructed from can impact costs, as more innovative materials may be more expensive than traditional frames. Prescription lenses and the relative strength of the prescription can also affect the price compared to standard non-prescription lenses.

What do safety glasses do?

Safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from hazards while you are working. Protective eyewear can safeguard your eyes from dust that may be irritating to eyes. They can also protect eyes from flying debris that may cause a severe injury or vision loss. Protective eyewear can also prevent splashes from getting into your eyes when you are working with chemicals.